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Achieving Beyond is the attainment of success beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

Some individuals may be satisfied with the attainment of one goal (which is great!) while others constantly strive to Achieve Beyond! over and over again. Journeys are personal and we applaud them all!

We encourage you to share YOUR experience and opinions in the blog or you can choose to learn from others. 

Your participation in this collaborative is governed by the same set of rules we set for all bloggers on the site. In a nutshell, participants do not comment or post about politics or religion, do not sell or promote goods or services, treat EVERYONE with kindness, dignity, and respect and do not engage in anything even relating to racist, sexist, or homophobic commentary. 

Bookmark this page and sign up for updates when you comment on a blog. As the blog grows, watch for specific sub-collaboratives.

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The Office As We Know It Is Over: Why Office Flexibility Rules

The Office As We Know It Is Over: Why Office Flexibility Rules

The media has tended to focus on the benefits of flexible work models as they relate to employees, but what’s becoming more apparent as we progress into the third year of the pandemic is that remote, hybrid, and hub-and-spoke work models can have genuine benefits for employers as well.

Meet Mihir Shah, the founder of Offsite-Team

Meet Mihir Shah, the founder of Offsite-Team

In today’s edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT we introduce Mihir Shah, the founder of Offsite-Team, headquartered in Texas ( Offsite-Team is a company that is run remotely and consists of virtual...

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