Fairy Godmother

Meet Cindy, the business Fairy Godmother

Cindy is an exclusive matching system that helps entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and other high achievers Achieve Beyond! by granting business wishes.

 If you’re an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or other high achiever looking for guidance, support, and/or resources to help you achieve your goals, then Cindy is the Business Fairy Godmother for you.

 Here are examples of the types of wishes she can grant:

  • Match entrepreneurs with a myriad of needed resources.
  • Provide introductions to potential sources of capital.
  • Match wish makers with other professionals who can provide advice on marketing and sales.
  • Make introductions to new strategic partners.
  • Help entrepreneurs achieve greater work/life balance by matching them with quality of life resources.

Cindy loves making wishes come true and helping people Achieve Beyond!   What wish can she grant for you today?

Please be advised of the following:

  • All wishes are granted on a “best efforts” basis and results are not guaranteed.
  • The Business Fairy Godmother and her company, Loyalty Alliance, Inc., are not personally nor organizationally liable for any actions of wish granters or wish makers.  Please proceed at your own risk and use careful consideration while on any side of a wish transaction.
  • Wish granters may, and most likely will, charge a fee for their professional service.  Such arrangements are between the parties involved and beyond the scope and responsibiliy of the Business Fairy Godmother.

Interested in Making a Wish?

Note: The communications on this section of the Achieve Beyond! platform is informative only and provided with the understanding that the Business Fairy Godmother is not rendering legal, accounting, investment, or tax advice. Nor is she making an offer to sell nor solicitation to buy/invest in any products, services, or organizations.  You should consult with appropriate counsel, financial professionals, and other advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, investment or accounting