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Entrepreneurs constantly seek resources to enable their growth. The Fairy Godmother is working on granting the wishes of multiple entrepreneurs and can use your help!

Review the list below and if you see a wish you would like to grant, reach out to the Fairy Godmother to see if you can help her make a business wish come true.

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I wish to help SaaS startups struggling with Enterprise sales. Specifically, I coach sellers on individual deals, freeing sales leaders to focus on strategy and operations. I help clients accelerate growth and liquidity, enhancing deal management, value...

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Day 1: “Imagine a world… Day 2: “I wish I could live in a world… Day 3: “I want to live in a world… Day 4: “I intend to live in a world… Day 5-10: Choose which speaks to you the most and focus on that each morning. “I intend to live in a world… Day 10: 30-minute...

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We received in December- 786 from. a total of 1000. hits on the blogs originating.out of the USA. Need. a US based. travel fulfilment partner to covert US enquirers. Will set uo a. US free phone number to US partners. Cannot covert. out of the UK USA originated...

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Capital, Strategic Partner, Wishes


Hi! My name is Portia and I started my own custom party decor business called Portia Nicole Creation. For the longest I've wanted to open up my own Event space to host kid parties, baby showers, etc. because I feel that every child should be celebrated. I...

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Non-Profit, Wishes

Billy Joe

I created two phenomenal tools to teach human trafficking prevention: a VR experience to teach you the psychological manipulation aspect, and an interactive online course that uses gamified techniques to deliver core information everyone needs so they can recognize...

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Strategic Partner, Wishes

Dr Frank

Dear Cindy, Since 2014 I have helped many UK and EU enterprises progress US investment aspirations. Delivered as a thought leader, C Suite coach and FDI and export themed event organiser. Work closely with DBT, US Commercial Service, Chambers of Commerce, and trade...

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