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The Data Journey: 5 Stages Of Turning Data Into Actions

In the last 20 years, a fair amount has been said about “big data” and how to approach it; however, what to honestly do with it and how to make it actionable is somewhat unclear. It follows a high-level – and transparent – roadmap on treating your data and making it work for you. There are five stages in turning data into actions…

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Don’t Download That New Smartphone App Until You Read This!

Now that I’m out of the military and advising clients on information security. I’m much more in touch with the continual technology changes, and wow, is it tough to keep track. Welcome to the era of everything as a service, and every service requires an application or app – primarily a smartphone app. I contend I may be even more deliberate in making a technology change, especially when it comes to smartphone apps, because of the security concerns.

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What Data Science Means to Organizations – Part 2

AI Presents Endless possibilities across all Industries and Organizations. Applications and use case possibilities are limitless. They depend on the growth stage, status quo existing data stack, priorities, and budget. Industry, organization size, and personas can segment AI Use Cases. Determining the relevant data universe and identifying models to solve a defined challenge can be alike regardless of industry.

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