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Personal Solutions 


On the personal side, one call to Loyalty Alliance Insurance connects you to experts ready to:

  • preserve your family wealth and welfare
  • ensure your financial legacy
  • safeguard the value of your personal possessions

Loyalty Alliance’s core personal insurance solutions include:


Protecting your income and legacy

If you had an accident or severe illness, would you be able to meet financial obligations and enable your family to maintain their lifestyle based on the change in your income during that stressful time?  Disability insurance protects your income and other financial resources against life’s uncertainties by replacing a portion of your income lost due to a prolonged illness or injury to avoid dipping into your savings or retirement assets when you cannot work.  

Protecting yourself and your family

Many different types of life insurance are available to fit your specific needs and budget.  Certain type types of policies provide a benefit at death and while you’re living.  You’ll receive benefits like access to cash values and even the death benefit if you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness.  With the right plan, you can feel comfort that your family/heirs can maintain their standard of living and that your financial legacy is protected before and after a death or serious illness.

Legacy and estate planning

Is your will or trust current, and does it accurately reflect how you want your assets distributed? A proper plan helps ensure that personal and business assets meet lifetime objectives and will be distributed however desired.  Properly structured insurance programs can also leverage your assets to achieve specific legacy and tax mitigation goals.  And don’t forget to take advantage of the tax benefits provided by certain plans to pass on assets to your children, grandchildren, and institutions in a tax-effective manner.   

Specialized protections for high-risk professions and high earners

The reality and seriousness of high-risk professionals and high earners are that the solutions needed to protect your wealth and welfare, and that of your dependents, are rarely found in off-the-shelf products and services –they need to be customized to address the considerable, and sometimes unique, risks you and your family face.  As a rock star in your own industry, possibly a hedge fund manager trading billions of dollars, an entrepreneur protecting millions in equity, or a highly compensated individual (such as an athlete, entertainer, or a key employee/partner), wouldn’t you like to know you, your family and your property are protected?  Special products and strategies can address your income protection, family protection, and legacy and estate planning needs, but specialized personal protection [such as Kidnap & Ransom, Hijacking and Child Abduction, Stalking, and Identity Theft coverage], resource protection [for possessions and collections], and other important risk mitigation coverages [such as Personal Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Domestic Workers Compensation, Travel & Accident Coverage, and more] should be considered.

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The Loyalty Alliance team is among the most highly qualified in the industry. Industry designations and academic credentials of Loyalty Alliance Insurance personnel include the following: Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC), Registered Health Underwriter (RHU), Registered Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC), Trust and Estates Practitioner (TEP), Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP) and Master of Business Administration (MBA/Finance).

*Loyalty Alliance, Inc. is not registered as an Investment Advisor.