Achieve Beyond Editorial Policy


Following is the editorial policy for the Achieving Beyond! Blog. This policy is subject to change at any time.  Please refer to for the latest updates.


We see our platform as the manifestation of our vision to engage and inform entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs seeking to push boundaries, get out of comfort zones, challenge the status quo, realize the true potential, and to Achieve Beyond!

Target Audience

The blog targets English-speaking men and women of all ages who connect with our bloggers and content. Current blog categories are as follows:

  • Charitable/Philanthropic
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment
  • Innovation
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Military
  • Social Issues
  • Sports
  • Sustainability
  • The Arts
  • Technology

Bloggers are encouraged to focus on specific categories of expertise though we certainly expect there to be crossover at times.

As the site grows, we expect to have specific communities of interest based on audience demand and participation. 

Editorial Values

We strive to elevate the level of discussion and engagement between entrepreneurs by producing high-quality, informative content that, as our editor-in-chief likes to say, contains at least one immediately actionable insight for each reader.

Blogging must be done according to our brand values which include:

  • Dignity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Kindness
  • Respectfulness for all of humanity.

None of the following will be tolerated:
Conspiracy theories
Hate talk of any kind
Religious discussion
Promotion or sales of goods or services

If ANY of our editorial values are not adhered to, the writer will receive a warning and be given the opportunity to change that content. Repeat offenses will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to remove the blog and the blogger.

Content Strategy

In addition to engaging and educating the Achieve Beyond! audience, we want to BUILD the audience. To this end our content will be:

  • Engaging – create content that presents complex topics in simple terms, that makes people reflect and think but not have to Google every other of your words.
  • Inclusive – Don’t use cultural references, inside jokes, or unnecessary jargon. While some of our readers will be part of your tribe, and understand many such references, assume most will not. Surely, they will be quick studies but they seek to learn from you not be put off by you. Also, be sure to use gender-neutral language.
  • Inspirational – You are here for a reason — we were inspired by you and we’re sure you’ll inspire our audience as well. How have your mentors or heroes inspired you?
  • Thoughtful – Present the right amount of information in direct, confident, concise language. Take twice as long to create so you have time to cut the word count in half.
  • Uplifting – Some of our best stories contain sad truths. But everyone loves a happy ending. So,  to the extent you can, leave your audience with a sense of hope and elation, not despair.

Another aspect of our content strategy is the promotion of the content itself. Following are those guidelines:

  • Blog length – Strive for 1,600 – 2,400 words
  • Images – We use Shutterstock for our images. Look at those on the main pages of the site for style types. Please supply us with the images you want to use and if we are uncomfortable with them we will discuss that with you until we can reach an agreement.
  • Formatting – we strive to use the AP Stylebook
  • Keywords – we encourage you to utilize keywords in your blog that you use to promote your content elsewhere but do NOT stuff your post with keywords as that lessens the value to readers. Loyalty Alliance reserves the right to add to your keywords without changing the intent of the content if it will enhance the promotion of the content. We may also reduce the number of keywords if there is evidence of stuffing.
  • Linking – feel free to link from our site to yours as long as there is reciprocal linking. If the blogger has a blog and is a guest blogger, we expect to cross-link. We also expect bloggers to promote their Achieving Beyond! blog in their promotional channels.
  • Featured Post – the Loyalty Alliance Editor In Chief will determine which – if any – blog post will appear as a featured post based on the blogger’s content, audience, and popularity on the site.
  • Author Pages – Bloggers who contribute regularly, build an audience, and actively promote the Achieving Beyond blog will receive an author page that includes a headshot, short bio, and a listing and links to all of their Achieving Beyond blog posts.

Editorial Integrity

  • If you site sources please make sure to attribute that appropriately in your content, linking to the original source. It is your responsibility to ensure your source allows sharing of their content.
  • It is also the blogger’s responsibility to ensure he/she does not use trademarked or copyrighted content without permission.
  • Anything even approaching plagiarism will result in immediate suspension of blogging privileges.
  • Loyalty Alliance’s team will fact-check content as is necessary and will advise the blogger of issues that may arise. We will give bloggers the opportunity to correct the facts and modify their content. If the blogger does not fix their content in a timely manner their content will be removed from the site.
  • As indicated above, there will be no self-promotion, sales, or paid relationships referenced in your content. These will be considered conflicts of interest for which the blogger will receive a warning and possible suspension.
  • Organizations involved in fundraising for charitable organizations must receive written permission from Loyalty Alliance specifically allowing them to engage in fundraising via the Achieving Beyond blog.

as of 12/27/2021