Shoes have always been an identifier within the world of fashionistas.  But post Covid, many more of us are practicing self expression through our shoes since sneakers have become the shoe of choice for every occasion.  Whenever in a crowd, look at the feet and you will see an array of personalities on display.
Teens actually express the greatest variety of self expression through their sneakers which you will notice if you’re ever in a Starbucks as school lets out.  Talk about a window into pop culture of the times.
Another blatant example of athletic shoes gone wild is the men’s shoe department of any luxury department store like  Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue.   The selection of sneakers is mind-blowing, (17 pages on the Neiman’s website) as far as outrageous style…and price.
I have always thought of fashion as a display of oneself and the ability to shout, “This is who I feel like today!”  Shoes are a good place to start if you want to get a little expressive about your inner thoughts on the world and your place in it.
Fashion is the  fascination with how people present themselves in their day to day environment.  And when I go out, I’ve always thought of dressing as a creative canvas to spark interest in the eyes of my fellow travelers. Today there are so many tools with which to express ourselves when outfitting our daily presence.
Without question, the easiest place to start putting it out there is with one’s shoes.  Dive in: it makes life just a little more interesting for you personally and those around you. The more involved you get with expressing yourself through your appearance, the more colorful your life becomes.  And who doesn’t want more color in their life?