Achieve Beyond!

Entrepreneurs are unique individuals with ideas, dreams, passions, goals, and visions who dare to challenge the status quo. Some seek to achieve the quantifiable (i.e., to make a certain amount of money or create a new/better something) while others, from Edison to Musk engaged in creating nothing less than new realities.

What do they all have in common? In the achievement of their personal quests, and journeys along the way, they seek to Achieve Beyond!

Achieving Beyond is the cumulative result of focus, hard work, resourcefulness, single-mindedness, a bit of luck, and an openness to new ideas. It is the act of setting upon a path in which you not only realize your initial vision, but you go beyond it.

Achieving Beyond has no walls, no barriers, no excuses, no horizon, and is not quantifiable by society. It is a personal quest left to the imagination and achievement of each person. And, it IS achievable by EVERY entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and achiever !

Achieving Beyond is generally the responsibility of one but achieved through the cumulative knowledge of those who came before and an open exchange of ideas with contemporaries.  We facilitate that communication in the Achievieving Beyond Blog.

Surprisingly, not everyone knows they are achieving beyond until they have done so. They are so caught up in realizing their visions that the “beyond” is a part of their everyday grind. It is only when they finally put their work/training/ideas/ideologies to the test that what they have created is recognized – and applauded.

What about you? Where are you on the spectrum of Achieving Beyond?

No matter who you are, what you have done, or where you are going, there is a place for you in our collaborative. Comment on a blog post, write a post, offer an essential solution, or avail yourself of one, and be a step closer to achieving your own beyond. Or, inspire others through your example and contributions.

Join us and Achieve Beyond!