How COVID-19 Is Reshaping The Healthcare Industry

While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be fully realized, there is no denying that it has permanently transformed the healthcare system and the way doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals do business. As we slowly creep into a post-pandemic world, how we treat patients, deliver medications, and administer healthcare will be forever changed. Amit Patel looks at these times of change and industry-wide upheavals as the perfect opportunity for transformation.

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A pediatrician reflects on an emotional and personally challenging day

No day is the same, and no day is predictable, either good or bad.  Other than pre-scheduled meetings, “zooms,” or webinars, my patient care schedule is always full of the unexpected.  As a physician, I find that my moods and emotions ricochet from feelings of endearment towards a newborn whom I examine to those of helplessness in attempting to counsel an adolescent with thoughts of suicide. 

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