The principals of Loyalty Alliance communicate, consult, and collaborate with successful entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and achievers on a regular basis in our own quest to add value to our clients and help members of our collaborative to Achieve Beyond!  We invite you to meet our President and Founder (below), and members of the collaborative on the Achieve Beyond! blog, and get ready to Achieve Beyond!

We are proud of the diversity, creativity, and expertise of the members of our collaborative, all of whom enrich the whole with their involvement and contributions. 

Many bright entrepreneurial and intrapreneurially spirits are part of the Loyalty Alliance Collaborative. If you are ready to Achieve Beyond!, then perhaps you should be, too!  Email us to be featured, become a guest blogger, or learn how you can share your services and expertise with our collaborative.


Cindy Fields

Cindy Fields

President and Founder

Meet Cindy Fields, co-founder of the digital ecosystem for entrepreneurs called Achieve Beyond! and the founder and owner of Loyalty Alliance Inc.

Achieve Beyond! is a B2B ecosystem revolving around an inclusive and secure website for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and other achievers in which they can share opinions and content, learn from others, and access a curated listing of products and services essential to building and sustaining success.  Included as one of the many services unique to the site is something we call the “Business Fairy Godmother”.  That’s me!

In her role as “Business Fairy Godmother” Cindy grants wishes.  While the wishes, as you can imagine, run the gambit from personal to business [when she offers people to “tell her their wishes because they’ll never know when she’ll be able to grant them,” she never knows what they will say!] most frequently she has been able to connect entrepreneurs with both business and charitable organizations and resources that have enabled them to achieve what is important to them. What wish can she grant for you today?

When she’s not granting wishes, she builds and runs her businesses and offers Essential Solutions to entrepreneurs via the Achieve Beyond website, including business and personal insurance and risk management, wealth preservation, business profit recovery, and lending.

Prior to founding Loyalty Alliance in 2003, Cindy held key positions in merchant banking, merger arbitrage, venture capital, investment banking, and wealth advisory services at numerous prestigious financial institutions.

A native New Yorker, Cindy is a proud member of the National Arts Club and Penn Club and serves on the Executive Committee of the Foreign Press Association and the Board of Governors of the Foreign Press Foundation. She is a former competitive ballroom dancer and holds the appointment of Special Advocate to the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA).

Cindy invite yous to explore Achieve Beyond! and contact her if you would like to be a guest blogger, be featured in ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT, offer the ecosystem an Essential Solution, or if you have any wishes the magical powers of a Business Fairy Godmother can grant. 

You can reach Cindy at

E:, O: 212-570-1212

Or you can get on her calendar by clicking here.


Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen

Managing Editor

Meet Mark Cohen, Managing Editor of the Achieve Beyond! website. Mark is a veteran of Madison Avenue with over thirty years of experience in digital and traditional marketing working with financial services, food and beverage, and a variety of other b2b and b2b verticals. He co-founded one of the first digital agencies in Manhattan and is considered an industry pioneer. 

Mark joined Loyalty Alliance to add his extensive knowledge of digital media and websites to Cindy Fields’ vision for being a “pebble in the pond” of positive change, and create the Achieve Beyond! platform. Starting with a blog, Achieve Beyond! will become a highly interactive and engaging collaborative comprised of communities of interest for entrepreneurs and other successful individuals. Site visitors and collaborators will be able to avail themselves of “essential services” for entrepreneurs to compliment and/or supplement their skills and expertise. Mark shares Cindy’s passion to change the face of media by creating a respectful, positive, and inclusive community for public discourse. 

Mark is a digital marketing consultant and fractional VP of Marketing via his firm Colloquy Digtal, LLC  and has worked at numerous business services, financial services, and ad agencies over the years. Mark has a BS-Marketing from the State University of New York, Buffalo School of Business.

A native New Yorker now living in Chicagoland with his wife Laura. Mark is a member of the board of directors of Resilience, is a Sustainability Commissioner in La Grange Park, IL, and spends his free time reading, cooking, listening to music, and participating in outdoor adventures with his family. He is also a lifelong NY sports fan.

You can reach Mark at

E: O: 312-521-0354

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