“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is connections”Robin Sharma

1. I started with an intentional thought:

At first, I didn’t understand it, but now I emphatically get it if the person has compatible beliefs, convictions, and attitudes with me. It’s relatively easy to continue to connect and make a point to follow up. From there, I give my best to deliver whatever commitment is made. You’ll hear this from me: “Follow through is everything.”


2. Give a straightforward and sincere understanding of what’s being offered:

When it comes to business for many years, I wavered on my convictions in doing business; when I got clear about why what, who, and how I do business, it became very easy to say no to the wrong idea or person or say yes to what complimented my beliefs. 


3. Don’t be afraid to say “no” – Every time I do, it opens the door to something much better:

It took some time for me to say no, forever feeling the FOMO, which only reinforced that some projects I had taken were from being sold on someone else’s idea. When the offer misaligned with my convictions and beliefs, no matter what was offered, I had to learn to stay on course to my first commitment to myself and realize the offer was a distraction. In other instances, when I said no, it did not necessarily mean no to the idea; it was no to the timing. I said no due to timing and had the offer come back months or years later, and the timing was perfect, and I said yes. 


4. Even if it can cost you the project/deal, be brutally honest:

This helps with sleeping at night, gaining fantastic relationships, and excellent long-term business partnerships.


5. If potential business acquaintances/prospects are not compatible with your mindset and beliefs, walk away:

I can write several chapters of experiences where I’ve walked away, sometimes, and others where I stuck around too long. 


6. Be honorable and respect your partners; follow through is everything, even in the little things:

When you gain a relationship, remember to be just as diligent later in the relationship as in the beginning. It took me a long time to understand that with my wife. If you are not committed to the small things in your personal relationships, those attitudes tend to extend to your business relationships. The little things count because you will only achieve the big things in life with them- those long-term relationships with significant business opportunities. Once you master the small habits of life, they will show up in new relationships and position you for considerable success. 


Tell us about your perspectives on business relationships and how focusing on growing those relationships has provided your business benefits.


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