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The Conundrum of the Achiever

It’s lonely at the top!
You know it.  We know it.
We know what to do about it. Do you?

The greater the achievement, the more the pressure, the more the isolation, and [though it is rarely mentioned] the more the loneliness.

Whether athlete, socialite, or business executive, it is not uncommon to feel that the pool of people you associate with narrows as your success expands.  And the group you can trust gets reduced even more – even to single digits.

So, where do you turn?  Who can you trust to be honest, direct, professional, compassionate, genuinely listen to you, and treat you like the valued person you are rather than the persona that developed around your success?

And, with your universe of known peers and associates shrinking, what person would strategically use her resources and relationships to help you expand yours?

Enter Cindy Fields, your Fairy Godmother, Executive Edition.

Why Is Cindy the Solution You Need?

A seasoned and credentialed Wall Street executive who left the Street to focus her talents and skills on helping entrepreneurs and other high achievers, Cindy has been working with people who have seen it all, done it all, and who realize a straight shooter outside their immediate sphere could best help them think through their unique problems, concerns, and opportunities.

*Cindy is NOT a coach. And she is NOT a shrink. She is a hard-driving, successful, pragmatic New Yorker who tells it like it is and doesn’t take “I can’t,” “How can I possibly…,” or “I don’t have the resources for that!” as answers.

Cindy works her magic because she is brutally honest and genuinely cares. Whether you’re a jet-setting executive, a 4-star General, a Sports All-Star, or someone who is literally changing the world, you can be sure that Cindy will challenge, not coddle, be more stick than carrot, will enable you to come to conclusions and outcomes you likely did not think possible.

As one of her clients proclaims, “Cindy is my Fairy Godmother Queen.” Why? Because Cindy is the one who enables her to break self-imposed barriers and gives her a perspective that few CAN, or WOULD, offer to a person of her stature.

Cindy also loves to share her considerable breadth and depth of connections and resources to help her clients thrive. She is the consummate business connector.



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NOTE: *We strongly encourage people with psychological or emotional issues/problems to consult with qualified mental health professionals. Such conversations are beyond the scope and expertise of the Executive Fairy Godmother. 

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High-performing C-suite executives, government leaders, sports and entertainment stars, and other high achievers seeking a no-nonsense confidant's attention, honesty, compassion, and resources to help them break through barriers, overcome resistance, and take advantage of opportunities.