“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we are not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power.” – Louise L. Hay


In a time of massive change in our collective worlds, feeling powerless can be all too easy. Regardless of which side of a societal, political, or familial issue you fall on, feeling like you cannot affect the outcome can be downright exhausting. 

In this post, I share 7 ways to regain ME power, regardless of external outcomes. 


1. It resonates with others.

In my youth, I had no idea that I had powers, felt weak due to my circumstance, had no male role model, and had no experience of love and affection as a young child. Until I found out after numerous years that this is where my power exists, in what I did not have, in learning to control my thoughts, in reflecting on my life experiences and finding positives, I lacked affirmations of my power, but I always had power. We all do.


2. It is a surprise to realize that we have always had it.

These glimpses of power have always been there, even when we were fearful or did not believe. But we somehow forged ahead and took risks to grow and learn. In retrospect, today, we realize it has always been there, and at every instance, someone is drawn to us to criticize or applaud this power that somehow emanates from within. This willingness to have a thought and then act on it. This willingness to place yourself in a situation and find a way to excel. This ability to see the possible in the impossible. Now we realize this power has always been there, but we never realized it is a gift because it did not manifest itself in the way we felt that it should, it was not significant and monumental, and the breakthroughs weren’t recognized. Yet looking back, they were always outsized and impactful. When we share what we have accomplished with others, it stands out like a sore thumb, both with the pain and enormity.  


3. You have squandered it in the past

My son shared something with me about a year ago that went like this, “when God gives you a gift, and you give it away and not have anything to share with your family, it’s an abomination to God ”; by giving away your skills that are for you to bless your family, with income, wealth, and resources.

For forty years, I would help other people with their business ideas and be afraid to ask for payment for often amazing ideas, services, and time I would provide. Being, never exposed to a mentor that shared with me how to own and demand that I be rewarded for my talent. Because my gifts are intangible, I had to prove myself by first bringing the intangible into the tangible before I believed I could be validated in asking to be paid. Many were manipulators and knew my weakness; mostly, it was my lack of courage. 


4. You did not appreciate that you had it.

We didn’t appreciate what we have learned and applied through trial and error because it was easy for us to share from our experiences an idea, draft a proposal, inspire someone in their concept, connect parties to launch a business or a picture in their business, and because it appeared so easy from our many efforts, consciously and subconsciously not appreciating the value we bring, because of the many years of practicing, failing, and coming back to try again. We think that helping someone without gaining a reward for our knowledge would be helping when we’re hindering by giving our hard-earned experience away. Most will not appreciate your value without an acceptable price. Those that get it for free devalue what they learn, and those that understand what they had to go through to earn their value will not respect you when you give yours away.


5. The first time you realize what you possessed and how much value you bring.

I am amazed now at how many need to realize their value and give away what they possess. I have been told for years that I brought great value in just a 30–45-minute conversation that what I shared shows someone how they can gain $50K to $100K in income or assets. Because having applied to it as a young professional in business and sales, I did not appreciate my knowledge and could not recognize the worth or how to place value and a price on these innate abilities. 


6. When you learned to embrace it.

After many years of operating in my head, I have come to the place of getting things out and asking for my worth for my many years of experience, learned through trial and error, where the best learning experience occurs. Now that I have embraced this power, it has become easier to ask for my worth and be drawn into situations to gain my price materially, spiritually, and financially.


7. In reflection, it has always been there.

Excelling even though I had not gained a formal higher education in my early years, I was always taking uncanny actions, even as a 12-year-old, I remember an attempt to write my first book, and now more than 40 years later, it is a joy that I have written seven. Sprinkled over the years are numerous instances of my allowing people to take advantage of my powers because I sort acceptance and love. But many recognized my powers and advocated for me. Three of the closest are my family, who believed in me when I did not believe in myself for so long. 


Tell us how you learn to use your power. And how are you gaining benefits from that realization?

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