Process Analysis is not Process Improvement.

There is a way to bring improvement initiatives back into your organization. You must focus on the three Ps – the People, the Processes, and your Planning / Preparation routines. Last month we talked about People, and this month we will focus on Processes, specifically Process Analysis for an existing process.

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Meet Bill Klehm Chairman & CEO of eBliss

In today’s edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT we introduce eBliss Chairman & CEO, Bill Klehm. A leader in eMobility solutions, eBliss is continuously striving to create more accessible, reliable, enjoyable, and sustainable ways of moving people. With over...
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How Many Hats Do Your Employees Wear?

Learn how to improve employee productivity dramatically via a Task Management session where all department employees or team members participate in a facilitated, digital group activity called a Conversation Framework.

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