Mastering Organizational Whack-a-Mole™: A Proactive Approach with Conversation Frameworks™

Welcome to the constant and recurring game of Organizational Whack-a-Mole, where the moles represent the common and recurring challenges that pop up across every department in your company. I, your organizational guide, invite you to explore how our Conversation Frameworks serve as your diverse set of mallets, ready to hit these challenges back into the ground with intentionality and consistency.


  1. The Game Setup: People, Process, and Planning Challenges

In this dynamic game, the moles are threefold: People challenges involving movements within positions, departments, teams, and projects; the ever-evolving and improving Processes; and the ongoing new projects requiring constant Planning. These challenges are part of the business landscape, and the key is not eliminating them but being ready to face them head-on.


  1. The Arsenal: Conversation Frameworks as Specialized Mallets

Just like a carpenter doesn’t rely on a single tool, your company doesn’t play Organizational Whack-a-Mole with one mallet. Enter our Conversation Frameworks – a diverse set of mallets designed to address specific challenges. Each framework is crafted with precision to handle the nuances of different situations, ensuring a targeted and effective approach.


  1. Proactive Readiness: Embracing the Inevitability of Challenges

Understanding that challenges are inevitable due to the perpetual motion of People, Process, and Planning, the focus shifts from elimination to proactive readiness. Instead of hoping the moles won’t appear, we empower you to be prepared for their arrival and equipped with the right Conversation Framework to tackle them.


  1. Consistency in Action: Hitting with Intentionality

Organizational Whack-a-Mole is not a sporadic game. It’s about consistent action. Our Conversation Frameworks instill a sense of intentionality in your approach. Whether it’s a People challenge, a Process refinement, or a Planning hurdle, the mallets are ready, and the hits are strategic, ensuring a controlled and purposeful response.


  1. The Unending Game: Adapting to the Dynamics of People, Process, and Planning

The moles may temporarily retreat, but the game never truly ends. If your company operates in the realms of People, Process, and Planning, challenges will resurface. The power lies in your ability to adapt and utilize the Conversation Frameworks as your ever-ready arsenal for mastering the ongoing game of Organizational Whack-a-Mole, playing with finesse, and turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Get ready to elevate your game! 

Patrick Seaton