Back in 2009, I had just moved out to the West coast of Florida to help a friend open a couple of restaurants. Having opened 30 successful places already, mostly in my home state of Texas, I felt comfortable in using the same formula with three areas of attention: Food, Atmosphere, Music. 

Music was my forte as I had also had a career as a professional opera singer. I never made it to the “Big Leagues” of La Scala or The Met, although I did pay a guard at  The Met $20 one Tuesday afternoon to allow me to go center stage and sing Nessun Dorma from Puccini’s opera, Turandot, just to say that I had sung this mighty tenor aria at The Met. No, my claim to fame was to solo for Pope John Paul ll in Rome back in 1993 and that solo was Amazing Grace, with a choir of 40 backing me up. 

The Genius Within 

In all the years practicing by myself and with a piano accompanist, there were always brief moments of “genius” which I could feel through my body, as if I were totally in tune with the universe, but I never could pinpoint how to replicate this on demand. I knew this presence of artistic brilliance was real and I was then sensitive to these physical sensations.


Tesla Influence                           

As I was in Florida, and had decided to relocate out there, while finalizing my divorce, I found that I had a lot of time to walk the beach and do research into sound. My father was an inventor, electro-chemical engineering, and had used technology and theories of Nicola Tesla to produce, what I thought, were world changing discoveries to help advance humanity. From 1961-1983, dad developed several projects and had them tested by certified laboratories and proved that they worked. The first being a rainmaking machine, which seeded the clouds from the ground with negative ions, created by large transformers. This story is movie material, but you are not here to read about it, so, perhaps later. He also used these same high voltage generators to create anhydrous ammonia from the air and set on top of a plow being pulled by a John Deere tractor, was able to put the fertilizer directly into the ground at a cost of $0.03 on the dollar, compared to what Dow Chemical could make it. With such a discovery, it wasn’t long before the FDA came out and said “No, you have to go through clinical trials, because you are dealing with a food source. And if you are lucky, you may get approval in 5 or 6 years.” 


Repurpose everything               

This was too long to take to put food on our table, so dad took already documented FDA approved trials      in another application, using controlled amounts of ozone to kill bacteria in sick cattle’s lungs that had contracted “shipping fever” or pneumonia. This application was so successful that ranchers needed less than 85% of normally required antibiotics to cure the illness. I remember that this was back in 1974, my senior year in high school. We had installed over 30 of these units into ranchers’ sick pens and ran the cattle through a one hour treatment twice a day. We had a six month backorder on manufacturing these. Then, on a July Monday morning, we went to work at our factory and found chains and padlocks on the entrance to the back door of the plant, with a notice from the FDA: CEASE AND DESIST. They had waited until after we had closed shop on the previous Friday afternoon, broke into the plant, gone through all the files, found the locations of the 30 machines already installed and went out on Saturday and Sunday and had confiscated all the machines. It turns out that Big Pharma had sent a lobbyist to Washington, D.C. and had a bill attached to another bill that was going to be passed, outlawing “the interstate transport of ozone.” Again, to fight this was an impossible challenge. So, dad went into another use of Tesla technology, oil and gas.


The Tesla Coil                              

From downsizing the Tesla Coil made from Nicola’s drawings, the new Tesla Coil was very small and when applied to gasoline and used in a 1971 Ford F100 pickup truck was getting 83 mpg, again, documented by two separate certified laboratories. The outcome here is yet another movie to be made and won’t be told here, but I wanted to give you an understanding of how I was raised in an out of the box thinking environment and why I discovered the monumental use of frequency therapy, which is now mainstream in medical alternative practices, without having to use chemicals, drugs.


“If you want to know the secrets of the universe…” Nicola Tesla

Back in Florida in 2009, I had identified that I was not enjoying listening to classical music. I was still performing with a few semi-professional vocal ensembles and even was headlined for a local orchestra for a night of opera music. But when it came time to relax, all I could do was think over and over and over again and again, all the music I was rehearsing. I questioned “People listen to music to relax. Why do I study it?”


Exposed to Cymatics       

With so many people retiring to Florida, I also found a much larger involvement in  complementary and alternative healthcare practices. I found meditation and yoga and a wonderful 37 mile long bicycle/walking trail and above all, the calm waves coming up on the beaches, from Dunedin to South of Sarasota. Entertaining the calm nature at sunset and watching everyone on the beach turning into the setting sun, until it had set, I found an inner peace. I started playing ambient/meditation music, which I had called “Woo Woo.” But for some strange reason, all anxiety was now not normal. So, I started a new kind of research, the difference between Western Music Composition and ambient/meditation music. And then, one morning while researching the Internet, I saw two pictures of moving sand on metal plates which sat on top of a stereo speaker. One was Concert A (which the concertmaster of every orchestra tunes to from the oboe) at 440 Hz and the second of the same plate and sand, but slightly lowered to 432 Hz. The 440 Hz sound frequency had no sand formation, looking as if it were tossed onto the plate without care. The second picture was of the same plate and sand, yet the picture was taken when the Concert A was set at 432 Hz and had formed a geometric pattern with the sand. 440 Hz and 432 Hz are so close together that most non-musicians can not tell the difference between the two pitches. So why was there such a visual difference? 


MENSA IQ Testing 

Here is where the research first began. Were there laboratory tests on specific frequencies? How were they determined to move matter? Did the use of specific frequencies alter signaling to the brain? I decided to run my own trail and using myself as a guinea pig, I started to transpose 85 hours of meditation music which I had just downloaded from Concert A of 440 Hz to 432 Hz using a free software, Audacity. About a third of the way through the transposing task, I asked myself “Am I really smart enough to understand neurological processes?” So, I went and took an online MENSA IQ test, which came back as 130. COOL! This was the lowest grade needed for “genius level” and I was invited to join MENSA, but declined. I was so excited about learning more about specific frequencies being applied to the brain that I went into further investigation online     .


Harvard, Oxford, MIT and others     

The deep research began. I first found that the United States military research had published tested trials. In their documents, I read that they tried 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 400 HZ and 500 HZ. “No definable differences in measuring cognition using these frequencies.” But wait a second. Where was 440 Hz and 432 Hz? Everyone could see the difference with cymatics. I stopped looking into the military’s research and started to dig into private research labs of Harvard, Oxford, MIT and others. They had uncovered several specific frequencies which when applied to the brain with electrodes, measured a higher brain cognitive ability.


White Noise Lab Tests          

“For every action, there is a reaction,” Yin and Yang, Positive and Negative polarizations. It became clear that there were frequencies that accelerated the brain’s abilities and so there must be some that do just the opposite. Enter White Noise. Defining what white noise is and sounds like, I found that it takes many frequencies all played at the same time, that were next to each other, like 440, 441, 442, 443, 444 Hz, continuously through pitches up to 20 kHz, and when played at the same time, sounded like rushing water, or the wind. I examined several trials that showed that white noise was being used to put people to sleep. And then my “AH HA!” moment came to me: Isn’t white noise in all digital audio? The answer was “Of course.” Then I asked “Well, what about all those specific frequencies shown to raise cognition? Aren’t they in all digital audio? Of course.  And then I asked where I could purchase computer software that would analyze what I had in my digital library, find those “good” frequencies and reduce the volume  of the white noise in between and was told “That doesn’t exist.” I saw the newly discovered need to filter out the noise pollution and would embark on my journey to change the way the world listens to digital audio.

Validation Before Commitment     

In 2013, I moved back to Dallas, TX. I spent the next two years back in the food and beverage industry and was managing a steakhouse. One of my favorite customers, an executive coach, would come in for Happy Hour on Fridays. She and I spoke about philosophy (of course, when drinking alcohol, one becomes less inhibited) and science. When I spoke about quantum physics to her once, she said “What are you doing here? You need to be in front of thousands of people each day, instead of just 1-2 hundred. What else can you do?” Successfully singing in Rome for Pope John Paul ll and having my own TV cooking show definitely gave me confidence that I could do whatever      I wanted, so I described my software idea to her and she said “That’s above my pay grade, but I know people in Austin (TX) that are very successful in the tech world that you need to meet.” We made the trip and were      introduced to the chief software buyer at Dell. “WOW! I would love to partner with you, take you to the 3rd floor (legal), write a contract, produce your software and be partners. Unfortunately, no one at Dell has the skill set to write acoustic based code. Good luck.” He told me that it was one in a thousand programmers that had such a skill set. All signs pointed to moving into the direction of following this career change as a way to change the world for the better and to have a legacy which I could be proud. 

In the coming series of blogs, I will be diving much deeper into the science of sound and how civilizations several thousands of years old have used sound therapies as well as the newest discoveries  that are being published each week showing how sound is breaking the barriers to enable the body to do things that we never knew were possible.