I’d like to introduce you to Mesmer, Quimby, Rife and Fishbein. But before I do, it is important to know that before we do a deep dive into contributions that these four men had on healthcare, only Royal Rife successfully used frequency therapy in medical practice. 

Mesmer and Quimby both we precursors leading in a thought therapy. But their practices also lead Royal Rife to try new techniques and outside practices that were not peer accepted. As many writing blogs now use ChatGPT to add content to writing, we must be cautious in acceptance of the limitation of ChatGPT. Even in most cases where history has many publications of subjects worth reading about, ChatGPT claims that the data input into it is limited and “other examples of topics” may not have been uploaded into its use. While using ChatGPT to read what is considered “acceptably known data,” I have dug deep into literature, libraries to find materials that ChatGPT has not had uploaded and even confuses the AI to rewrite information delivered. 



Take for example of Dr Franz Mesmer. In my first reference of this man, born on May 23, 1734, ChatGPT first told me that he was Austrian, but in a different referral even apologized. “Apologies for the mistake in my previous response. Franz Mesmer was actually a German physician, not Austrian.” Point being that if anyone questions the validity of my research into this field and is relying solely on ChatGPT to make a response, I would advise to let me know if they have authentic documents that dispute this writing. 

For example, I purchased the two volume set of The Complete Writings of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and painstakingly read both volumes before quoting him or his work. We will discuss his influence later, but first, back to Mesmer. 

As previously stated, Mesmer was known for his work in mesmerism, also known as “animal magnetism.” He studied medicine at the University of Vienna and became interested in magnetism and its potential healing effects. The use of magnets in the scientific world was showing positive influence in healing. Mesmer believed that a magnetic fluid flowed through all living beings and could be manipulated to treat various health conditions. In 1778, he moved to Paris where he gained quite a following and in 1784 became the focus of a commission appointed by King Louis XVI. Now, think about this, that for someone to ask the King to investigate a healer, a medical practitioner who was building a widely known following outside of the King’s physician’s practice as such a dispute in healthcare practices, could possibly desire to discredit new practices, just because such treatment was never applied to the King or the King’s Court, may involve “might is right” thoughts to the uneducated and keep the King’s physician in highest regard. But if a practice came forward which may lessen the court physician’s need, there too would limit the need for only one authority. This commission ultimately discredited Mesmer. But not before it was introduced in the United States . As a side note, it’s funny to see how “proven” techniques, such as the use of leaches for bloodletting was a practice that was accepted by the King’s Court and so were so many other “potions, creams and powders” which were not proven in scientific viewing pre-bio research. There again, if one had power and status, the people bade to authority. 



It was in the late 1820-30s that Phineus Parkhurst Quimby had viewed the use of Mesmer’s techniques at a traveling show where patients were mesmerized (the precursor of hypnotism) and lost their ailments. Quimby mimicked the Mesmer technique and placed magnets around his patients to heal what ails them. And after a couple of years, modified the Mesmer way into his own practice. One week, Quimby was traveling to a talk he had been invited to speak at and hours into the journey, realized that he had not packed the magnets he had been using to “heal” patients. He decided that going back for them was out of the question, so he spoke and demonstrated his healing process by speaking with those in his audience without magnets. Surprisingly, most of those complaining of ailments were healed. This brought Quimby to question the use of magnets at all. He became more focused on using his own voice, to convince the sick, that their ailments were all a product of the mind. Now Quimby was raised in a Christian household, but was totally identifying dogmatic church practices, which he called opinions, as the cause of human suffering. Throughout his writings, Quimby quoted Bible verse after Bible verse, specifically quotes from Jesus. From these quotes, Quimby showed the absurdity of negative thoughts ie; fear, doubt, hate, regret et al, being taught in Christian churches and showed that if one were to think in just the opposite (joy, happiness, love, passion et al.) that they would start to be feeling better. 

Again, a side note will be that today, the CDC reports that 85% of all disease is caused by stress. 

Quimby is documented to have “healed over 10,000 people” and one of those was a woman named Mary Baker Eddy, who later became the founder of the Christian Science Church. The two words, science and opinion, became the focal point of all of information Quimby made his evaluations, for if it were science, there was proof. If it were opinion, there was no science and therefore could not be trusted as fact. 


Royal Rife 

Now, why is this important to the importance of sound and frequency therapy? I will now tell the story of Royal Rife and Morris Fishbein. Just as I had first presented my software concept to the then Chief Software Buyer of Dell and was told it was “brilliant” and that had I come from technology, I “would not have been able to think this way,” that I “would have been confined to think in the boundaries of peer groups in the industry.” I was told that it was only because of my not coming from technology, that I was able to think outside of the box. A part of this was also due to the household I was raised in, where my father was an inventor, a electrochemical engineer, and who used technology of Nicola Tesla so successfully that our United States government came and shut down his work three times in three decades. One of those inventions was documented by certified lab reports to be certified to show 85 mpg on a 1971 Ford F-100 pickup truck. 

But back to Rife, there is a lot of documentation showing how Rife invented a very powerful microscope, one that could see cancer cells being blown up using specific frequencies, a technology recently funding Novocure over $150M for multiple trials in hospitals across our country, as a treatment (cure?) for glioblastoma (brain cancer). 

It was in 2002 that I was dating Stephanie, a beautiful, dynamic business woman, who had told me about her experience going through breast cancer and how she went through the “normal” treatment of chemo and radiation. She told me how she had lost all of her beautiful long dark hair and how it vegetized her social life. In the first few months of our dating, she was notified that her cancer had returned. She went to the Internet and looked for more treatments outside of chemo and radiation and found reports on Royal Rife and how it is documented that Rife treated 16 “terminally ill cancer patients” at the California Cancer Institute at USC. Within 6 months, all 16 were declared cancer free. From this report, Rife was the toast of the country and was celebrated as “the end of all disease.” 


Morris Fishbein

Of course, this was headline news and was brought to full attention of the head of the JAMA, Morris Fishbein. Fishbein was a shrewd business man. The two largest advertisers in JAMA were Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. Remember the old black and white cigarette commercials showing how much doctors loved to fire up a Camel after surgery? But using Rife technology to cure cancer would negate the need for chemo and radiation. This would in turn negate the need for placing full page adds in JAMA, the major funding supply for Fishbein’s salary. Fishbein went to Rife and offered to purchase all of the Rife technology. But Rife refused, knowing that Fishbein would probably shelf the technology to continue the need for Big Pharma and Big Tobacco to place full page advertisements. As soon as Fishbein’s offer was refused by Rife, Fishbein went to war in media, badmouthing Rife, paying multiple doctors across the country to use the term “quackery” to describe all of Rife’s work. Rife being a solopreneur, had limited funding and could not find any way to combat Fishbein’s assault on him, his character and technology. 

Rife “died penniless and embittered by the failure of his devices to the scientific acceptance.” Wikipedia. But as a footnote, Fishbein and the AMA were also indicted for violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, for withholding newly discovered therapies and cures from the general public. 


How Mesmer, Quimby, Rife and Fishbein facilitated the optimization of the human anatomy and optimized the human potential.

But getting back to Stephanie, she found one of the original Rife generators in Canada. She tried to buy it over the phone and have it shipped to her residence in Dallas, TX, but there now had been laws against such medical devices being sold in the USA. So, to get around the import examination she had the company that shipped it to her as a “radio.” When she got it, she used it religiously, at least for one hour at a time, four times a day. Within 6 weeks, her returned breast cancer had once again gone back into remission. I was there. I saw it happen. Now, she also was on a regimented health diet and kept her stress levels down at all times. But it was this application of sound therapy which made a huge impact on my life. 

The above story of Stephanie, was combined later in years (2009 in fact) to come together with so many more reports of new documented scientific trials and applications which showed me how the power of sound specific frequencies can be used to facilitate the optimization of the human anatomy and could optimize the human potential. This is why I have begun this article with Mesmer and Quimby, to show that public demonstrations over 150 years ago, were used in benefitting the health of so many people, but was downplayed by large organizations to keep control and power. 


In closing

The greatest inventor of all times, Nicola Tesla shall be quoted here. “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of sound, frequency and vibration.” And one further footnote, it was a Tesla coil which cracked the molecular structure of the gasoline molecule and magnets placed around the engine of that 1971 Ford F-100 pickup truck that tested in certified lab reports that was getting 85 mpg. 

Can you hear the theme music to The Twilight Zone?