To celebrate Global Entrepreneur’s Week we are featuring members of the Achieveing Beyond! Community.

We asked them five questions about their experience to share with others. We hope you find them to be informative and inspiring. Feel free to share them with your network!



Marko Issever 





Company Name:

America EB5 Visa LLC 


Brief Company Description:

At America EB5 Visa, we connect international investors who aim to immigrate to the United States while making a meaningful financial contribution, typically in the form of a real estate investment with issuers, typically real estate developers, looking into EB-5 as an alternate funding method for their projects. While no investment comes with zero risk, our professionals carefully evaluate both the investment projects and the qualifications of prospective investors. 


Website Address:



How many entrepreneurial ventures have you had? 


How long have you been an entrepreneur? 

10 years 


How did you fund your first (or only) venture? 

Personal Funds – All equity 


What do you like most about being an entrepreneur? 

Independence, Being able to focus on being result-oriented, no company politics 


Based on your experience, what three pieces of advice would you share with aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups? 

1) Like your job 

2) Be the best you can be on your job 

3) Always stay current, never let your past glories define who you are!


Anything else you’d like to share? 

Entrepreneurship requires taking a calculated risk. You should not be quick to decide. Take your time. Analyze all the pros and cons of any decision you make. Lost opportunities are never as bad as wrong choices you could be making due to rushing or not spending enough time in decision-making. Once you decide which path to take believe and have the trust that that was the best decision you could make. Believe in yourself and proceed with confidence.