Many nonprofits were started by entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference and willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to build a successful nonprofit organization.

Here are just a few examples of the positive impact that nonprofit entrepreneurs have on the world:

  • Providing essential services: Nonprofits provide a wide range of essential services to those in need, including education, healthcare, housing, and food assistance. For example, the Salvation Army provides food and shelter to the homeless, while the American Red Cross provides disaster relief and emergency services.
  • Advocating for important causes: Nonprofits advocate for important causes such as environmental protection, human rights, and social justice. For example, the Sierra Club advocates for environmental protection, while the American Civil Liberties Union advocates for civil liberties.
  • Making the world a better place: Nonprofits work to make the world a better place through various programs and initiatives. For example, Habitat for Humanity builds homes for low-income families, while the Teach for America program recruits and trains teachers to teach in low-income schools.


Some of the entrepreneurs we admire who are doing inspirational work include:

  • Muhammad Yunus: Yunus founded the Grameen Bank, which provides microloans to poor people in Bangladesh. The Grameen Bank has helped millions of people start their businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Blake Mycoskie: Mycoskie is the founder of TOMS Shoes, which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes sold. TOMS Shoes has since donated over 100 million pairs of shoes to children in need worldwide.
  • Jessica Alba: Alba founded The Honest Company, which creates safe and effective household products for families. The Honest Company has since become a leading brand of natural and organic products, and it has helped to raise awareness of the dangers of toxic chemicals in household products.
  • Oprah Winfrey: Oprah Winfrey founded the Oprah Winfrey Foundation, which supports educational and leadership programs for youth. Winfrey has also donated millions of dollars to other charities, including the United Negro College Fund and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
  • Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates: Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates are the co-founders of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private charitable foundation in the world. The foundation works to improve global health and development.
  • Warren Buffett: Warren Buffett founded the Giving Pledge, a campaign encouraging wealthy people to donate at least half their wealth to charity. Buffett has also donated billions of dollars to charity through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Are you interested in becoming a nonprofit entrepreneur? If so, here are a few tips to help you succeed:

  • Have a passion for your cause: The foundation of any successful nonprofit is a passion for the cause it serves.  
  • Do your research: Before starting a nonprofit, it is important to research and understand the landscape. Make sure there is a need for your organization and that you have a plan for meeting that need.
  • Build a team: No one can start and run a nonprofit alone. You must build a team of passionate and dedicated people to help you achieve your goals.
  • Be persistent: Starting and running a nonprofit is not easy. There will be challenges along the way. Be persistent, and don’t give up on your dream.


Nonprofit entrepreneurs are essential to society. They start organizations that provide essential services to those in need, advocate for important causes, and work to improve the world.

If you are a nonprofit entrepreneur, thank you for your important work. You are making a real difference in the world.