This Entrepreneurship and Empowerment post features Shelley Goldberg, Founder and Principal of Invest-With-Purpose.

In this three-part article, Shelley and Indranil Ghosh discuss ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing in the Covid-19 era. The pandemic has altered the way we think about sustainable investing, transforming to a new definition of ESG: Engaging Society’s Guardians, those being, Investors, Corporates and Governments.

These guardians each play a role, like a three-legged stool that requires all three to act in unison. Learn more via the links below. Please note, the site requires a free, no obligation log-in. For further info email Shelley at [email protected] #ESG #ShelleyGoldberg #InvestWithPurpose #Empowerment #Entrepreneurship #business #investing #sustainableinvesting #wealth #LAIWay