In today’s edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT, we introduce Marty Gilbert, the Founder/CEO of NSENG (, the largest job search group in the US with over 9,900 members, 508 of whom landed new jobs in 2021.

Marty’s job search webinars, workshops, and coaching services have helped over 2,500 individuals to land new career opportunities.

Additionally, his trademarked “What the Hell Approach to Job Search”® has gained significant notoriety as a proactive methodology that can significantly shorten a job search. He is also a frequent speaker at university alumni groups from Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Howard, Chicago and Michigan.

Marty served as COO for STATS Inc, the sports data company behind the book and movie, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt.

Marty can be reached at:, or 847.732.7400

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