In today’s edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT, we introduce Dr. Joseph Nwoye, a diversity consulting specialist focusing on policy and practices in diverse workplaces.

Dr. Nwoye’s value of diversity stems from a privileged space — his parents imbued in him a belief system characterized by some as rooted in the “Golden Rule Principle.”

If you believe that you are not imbued with the value of diversity and inclusion, you shouldn’t blame yourself. Instead, the blame should go squarely on the adults who shaped your belief system, as evidenced in the Dereck Black case, whose racist belief systems were ingrained and shaped by his racist parents and their teacher, David Duke. However, if you desire to be an inclusive leader, who creates a meaningful diversity and inclusion workplace where everyone creates, develops, and nurtures a deep sense of meaningful belonging regarding their identities, help is on the way.

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