In this edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT we introduce you to Daniel L. Flick and the business he founded in late 2007, Infinity Financial Group.

Dan works with family-owned and privately held businesses, all of which are run by entrepreneurs who either built a business or are carrying on their legacy. His firm does two things: corporate finance, whereby he helps these same businesses with financing needs of all kinds, and sell-side M&A where he represent these same businesses for their exit of the business. Dan believes what most don’t really understand is this work is more than financial, it’s personal.

Click on the link below to hear the managing partners talk about what makes their clients successful. Dan Flick, Managing Partner, can be reached at P: 214-432-0270, E:, W: #finance #M&A #finserv #business #entrepreneurship #Empowerment #LAIWay