In this edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT we’d like to introduce you to Dan Pincus, a man who had the brilliant idea to combine two corporate pastimes, golf and networking, into a coherent, fun and profitable business.

World Golf Network, of which Dan is Founder and President, is an executive platform that helps decision makers meet relevant people in a fun and social way. Unlike most networking organizations, World Golf Network focuses on the relationship and matching people with natural referral partners. They understand that people do business with those they know, like and trust. WGN creates the environment for this process to unfold organically. WGN offers both social memberships (non-golf) and golf memberships based on their member’s preference.

If you own a business or are a senior executive that understands the value of knowing the right people, then this could be the group for you. To learn more about World Golf Network, visit them at or follow up with Dan Pincus at [email protected] or 551-500-9011.