Blue Note at Home

As we slowly get back to “new normal” the news cycles are shifting to so many other issues we’re experiencing. Yet, the pandemic continues and we’ll do our best to keep finding activities and inspiration to share. Today we found that the...
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Live Music and More

If you’re into music you’ll want to check out Bands in Town, an app for your phone that connects to your music and location, then alerts you when bands you like are playing near you. And now, during the pandemic, it is alerting for live streams –...
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Jazz at Lincoln Center

If you’re into Jazz, or just need a fine does of musical relief, Lincoln Center has got you covered with free, daily Jazz programming! Check out the schedule on the Center’s...
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Activities and Inspiration: Music

We’re scouring the web for free and low cost resources related to “all things music.” We hope you and yours enjoy these! Left Bank Live – Concert Left Bank Live Streaming Daily DJing Live Stream at Nowadays
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