Wealth Administration Program

The Loyalty Alliance Wealth Administration Program is a customized supervisory, managerial and organizational service focused on the coordination/oversight of client financial resources, protection of client interests, and achievement of client goals.

What we do

The Loyalty Alliance Wealth Administration Program provides you with a manager/administrator, confidante, clone and strong man focused on the achievement of your ideal life.

We coordinate, consolidate, manage, and simplify the financial details (and people!) in your life, work to minimize waste, redundancy and misfocus of resources, free up your time and energy, and give you peace of mind that someone is there to watch your back.

A Loyalty Alliance Wealth Director acts as your general manager, the person responsible for knowing about your financial life, and then some. She knows your goals, your plans and what (and who) is important to you.  And, with that knowledge, years of her own experience, her keen interpersonal skills, intense loyalty to you and the resources of the Loyalty Alliance Wealth Administration Program, works toward helping you achieve your short, mid and long-term goals and desires.

Why us

The Loyalty Alliance Wealth Administrative Program serves as the perfect complement to your team of commission and fee-paid financial, legal, accounting, insurance and other professionals.

We all have our place.  We like to say ours is by your side, making sure your voice is heard, needs addressed and interests protected, even when you are not in the room.

We have your back!

Key Components

  • Protection
  • Oversight
  • Transparency
  • Coordination

Benefits to You

  • Protect your time, wealth and sanity
  • Move roadblocks out of the way of your overarching success
  • Focus your attention on what is most important to you
  • Enable you to realize your vision

What we expect from you

  • You are passionate about your goals
  • Communicative with Loyalty Alliance
  • Responsive to our requests and suggestions
  • A financial delegator

Learn more

For more detailed information or to get started, contact Cindy Fields, cfields@loyaltyalliance.com, c: 917-656-6053, O: 212-570-1212.