The Empowerment Workshop

Discover how our non-traditional, values-based approach can help your group “have it all” via this fun, interactive Empowerment Workshop.

Workshop Overview

We take your group through an insightful, interactive and thought-provoking fifty-minutes that helps each participant realize what is important to them, puts them on the path toward aligning their financial choices with the great life each of them wants to have, and inspires them to take action to do what it takes to achieve that life.


By the end of the presentation, participants will feel much more empowered and far less intimidated by their dreams:

  • Their vision of their “ideal life” is be better defined and clarified
  • They are better able to align their financial choices with their goals and values
  • They are inspired to begin making smart choices about their money for the reasons most important to them
  • We provide the steps to get started and make connections with those who are ready to make the commitment to be empowered to take the leap into their Ideal Life.

Workshop Details

We bring the presentation to you so everyone you want to be involved can participate. Group size is flexible. All we require is a room that facilitates interaction and a group open to having fun!

This fifty-minutes of value can be easily added to the agenda for your next meeting.