What We Do

What if you could work with a wealth advisory firm that truly cares about the achievement of your success and puts your needs first?

Allow us to introduce you to Loyalty Alliance and the Loyalty Alliance Way.

What We Do

Loyalty Alliance has three primary divisions: [1] The Loyalty Alliance Three Pillars of Wealth Program “The Maestro” Program, in which we help our clients do what they love while we minimize the noise in their lives, [2] Insurance, and [3] Money Management.

We work hand-in-glove with strategic partners to provide tailored solutions that help our clients address their financial needs, wants and desires.

Depending upon client circumstances and objectives, strategies focus on wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, wealth distribution and/or wealth coordination.

Specialized Programs

In addition to our primary divisions, we offer three Wealth Mentoring Programs:

  • Empower Your Life [EYL]  – a dynamic and engaging program focused on the achievement of personal empowerment and growth through one-on-one mentoring and support
  • Empower Their Lives [ETL] –  a program designed to help transition children of all ages from academia to the “real world”
  • Empower Workshop –  a facilitated and fun interactive program for groups that helps people gain more clarity and focus on what matters most in their lives

Who We Do It For

Clients include, but are not limited to, high-profile individuals, business executives, inheritors of wealth, athletes, celebrities, businesses, not-for-profits, and municipalities. We also work with individuals and families who are beginning to flourish and/or who have achieved financial success and need guidance in specific areas of their lives.

The Loyalty Alliance Way

The Loyalty Alliance Way, our code of ethics, defines our “people first” approach to business, charity and community.

For additional information:

To learn more about Loyalty Alliance, Inc. call us at 212-570-1212, contact us via the button below, or join us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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