Colloquy Digital Marketing Services

About the Agency

After working in NY’s “non-digital” (traditional) advertising community for over a decade, Colloquy’s founder, Mark H. Cohen became a digital pioneer. He founded one of the first digital advertising agencies in NY, taught digital strategies at the university level, and ultimately practiced his skills on “both sides of the desk.” This unique combination of traditional and digital expertise is what differentiates Colloquy Digital.

A pioneer in websites and social media, in particular, Mark applies his Madison Avenue knowledge and expertise to every assignment and engagement. His clients refer to him as a grey-haired Millenial due to his many years of marketing experience blended with the latest marketing channels and technologies that he brings to clients of all sizes.


Colloquy provides the following marketing services to entrepreneurs seeking to Achieve Beyond!

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Marketing channel selection and execution
  • Marketing technology selection, training, and utilization

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