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How COVID-19 Is Reshaping The Healthcare Industry

While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be fully realized, there is no denying that it has permanently transformed the healthcare system and the way doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals do business. As we slowly creep into a post-pandemic world, how we treat patients, deliver medications, and administer healthcare will be forever changed. Amit Patel looks at these times of change and industry-wide upheavals as the perfect opportunity for transformation.

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What Data Science Means to Organizations – II

AI Presents Endless possibilities across all Industries and Organizations. Applications and use case possibilities are limitless. They depend on the growth stage, status quo existing data stack, priorities, and budget. Industry, organization size, and personas can segment AI Use Cases. Determining the relevant data universe and identifying models to solve a defined challenge can be alike regardless of industry.

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What Data Science Means to Organizations

In a time when AI is considered the engine that will power the next age of human progress, failure to participate is no longer a viable business option. Companies that wish to digitally transform must understand that embracing the status quo will leave them struggling to keep up with competitors that recognized the opportunity before them.

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