Shopping in the Age of Zoom

Shopping is one of the great pleasures enjoyed by the women in my family. Shopping with my granddaughter is right near the top of my list. With my granddaughter in Portland and me in Detroit, it’s not very often we could share that experience until we started shopping on Zoom.

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Men In Skirts

Thanks to Billy Porter, Timothee Chalamet, and various other celebrities, men in skirts are becoming common to the eye. And I always thought the issue was women in pants, and freedom and comfort lie in the eye of the beholder. Gender identity is getting more fluid by the day.

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What Happened to the Empress’ Clothes?

Fashion trends start out subtly and evolve from season to season until they become ubiquitous and fade away. Fashion expert Joanie Abraham finds the latest news in fashion a little alarming. Learn why.

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