Robin Sol Lieberman

Meet Robin Sol Lieberman, the dynamic founder and CEO of LIFEHONEY®, a global wellness brand. With a background in mindfulness and cultural anthropology, Robin leads transformative sessions at prestigious institutions like the United Nations General Assembly and for international corporations. Her influence spans beyond boardrooms, as she shares her expertise on major media platforms. Through her book “The Charisma Code” and LIFEHONEY®’s offerings, Robin guides others towards self-discovery and resilience.

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Diane Bacchus

Introducing Diane Bacchus: devoted mom, wisdom teacher, and Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Ahhaa, a global wellbeing platform. From leading meditations at The United Nations to collaborating with world leaders, Diane’s influence spans far and wide. Recognized for her leadership in mental wellbeing, Diane’s proudest role is being a mom to her accomplished children. In her, we find not just a leader, but a beacon of hope for positive change.

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Laura Sicola

Meet Dr. Laura Sicola: a renowned speaker, author, and podcast host specializing in leadership communication. With a background in cognitive linguistics, Laura helps top executives master “Vocal Executive Presence” to command rooms, connect with audiences, and close deals. Laura’s TEDx talk boasts over 6.8 million views, and her expertise has been featured in major media outlets.

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Karen Ashworth-Macfarlane

Forget boardrooms and spreadsheets! Buckle up for a wild ride with Karen Ashworth-Macfarlane, the CEO of Doña Loca, who swapped suits for mezcal fire pits and traded crunching numbers for the crunch of agave roasting. This isn’t your average business story; it’s a fiesta of passion, fire, and the “Loca” magic that’s shaking up the spirits world.

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