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Non Profit Template

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Equity Financing: Friend or Foe for Your Small Business?

Every entrepreneur dreams of their business blossoming into a thriving success story. But growth often requires an influx of cash – capital – to fuel it. This post from Cindy Fields addresses the question: should you raise capital, and if so, how?

The IMT Insider Volume 1 Whack a Mole

This post by Patrick Seaton presents “Mastering Organizational Whack-a-Mole™,” using Conversation Frameworks™ to proactively address recurring business challenges in people, processes, and planning. It likens these issues to moles in a game, suggesting they require continual management with these specialized, effective tools.


I wish that I could find twenty (20) companies in the 70+ employees that would like to receive a FREE DIAGNOSE Flash Report. This survey is given to ten (10) employees, takes 15 minutes to complete, and assesses how many of the 28 most common and recurring challenges...

A Search For Identity: Are You My Mother?

I have 2 teenage daughters, and when they were younger they loved P. D. Eastman’s book, “Are You My Mother?” In this book, a mother bird leaves her unhatched egg and hurries off to make sure she has something for her little one to eat once he makes his way out of the...


I wish for the insight to adapt to the needs of higher education and forge key relationships with decision-makers across the U.S. educational sector. May ViewPoint’s collaboration software become essential in enhancing teaching and learning, leading to its adoption in...