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Process Analysis is not Process Improvement.

There is a way to bring improvement initiatives back into your organization. You must focus on the three Ps – the People, the Processes, and your Planning / Preparation routines. Last month we talked about People, and this month we will focus on Processes, specifically Process Analysis for an existing process.

Meet Bill Klehm Chairman & CEO of eBliss

In today’s edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT we introduce eBliss Chairman & CEO, Bill Klehm. A leader in eMobility solutions, eBliss is continuously striving to create more accessible, reliable, enjoyable, and sustainable ways of moving people. With over...

Shopping in the Age of Zoom

Shopping is one of the great pleasures enjoyed by the women in my family. Shopping with my granddaughter is right near the top of my list. With my granddaughter in Portland and me in Detroit, it’s not very often we could share that experience until we started shopping on Zoom.

Buy Sell Planning While Generation Straddling

In business with a much older, or younger, partner and in sticker shock over the difference in insurance cost coverage between the young un and the old fogie? Check out a solution in this short video on buy-sell planning while generation straddling.   [video...

How Many Hats Do Your Employees Wear?

Learn how to improve employee productivity dramatically via a Task Management session where all department employees or team members participate in a facilitated, digital group activity called a Conversation Framework.