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How does the Maestro work?

The Maestro minimizes the cacophony of sound in your life by organizing the professionals [aka, your “musicians”] who touch your financial world into a cohesive, coordinated, simplified and accountable team [your “symphony orchestra”] working in perfect harmony to achieve your goals for the reasons important to you. 

The Maestro Process

We generally start with an exercise to help you get in touch with what is truly important to you.  We’ve discovered that when you know your values – the music that touches your heart – everything falls more easily into place.  And, values have nothing to do with money!

We then work with you to develop a plan – your opus – that addresses your needs, wants and desires, and the actions needed to take place to turn your dream into a reality.

We know information is static, life is not.  So, we review your plan on a regular basis and change it to accommodate what is happening in your world, and beyond.

Then, we work to help you get your entire orchestra in perfect harmony, and keep it that way, so that no matter what happens in the world, the markets, or your life you’ll be able to hear sweet music and achieve your goals for the reason most important to you. 

So, you have no stress, you have peace of mind, and can enjoy the music and fully live your best life.

Creating Harmonies

We’ve found that most High Net Worth individuals have four or five main advisors that work independently of each other – and sometimes you – to handle specific issues.  They include a CPA, Money Manager(s), a Property & Casualty broker, Life Insurance agent, and an Estate & Trust attorney. 

The sad but true result of their being off playing solos in the street [sometime very expensive streets!], rather than in concert with each other on your behalf, is the creation of more noise in your life!

That is where the Maestro comes in.

As the Maestro of your financial affairs, we conduct your musicians/advisors with tried and true processes and procedures that facilitate lines of communication around YOUR plan so you have – and get – what you need, when you need it, at the right price to help achieve your short, mid & long-term goals for the reasons important to you. 

Alone at the Podium

As your Maestro, standing alone at the podium, we do not collect fees or commission as your other advisors do.  We collect an agreed dollar amount paid quarterly that is based on the complexity of your life.  In this manner we can truly say we have “clean hands” [and “white gloves”] in our representation of you.

Your Opus Awaits!

Your life is complex.  You need peace of mind.  A protector of your interests.  Someone to help relieve your stress by changing the noise in your life into beautiful harmonies.

Seriously, if you want to stop putzing around and live your Best Life, you need a Maestro.

Price: $250,000 per year. Participation limited. Sign up now!

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