Empower Your Life

Are there big decisions in your future?

Have you faced life events that have dramatically changed your plans, your direction, or your overall comfort?

Or, have you achieved a certain level of success but still feel things should be “different” in your life?

Well, you are not alone. Guidance, introspection, and attention to what is truly important to you can be the difference between a life well-lived and one full of thoughts and wishes for what could have been. The Loyalty Alliance Empower Your Life™ program is a dynamic and engaging program focused on the achievement of your personal empowerment and growth.


  • Preliminary Conversation: You will be introduced to the program, and you’ll have the opportunity to share your personal situation and concerns.
  • Values and Goal-Setting: You will participate in a guided values exercise and we will initiate personal goal-setting.
  • Financial & Goal Management: We will discuss financial management and steps toward the alignment of your financial situation with the achievement of your goals.
  • Reviews & Updates: These are “check in” conversations you can use to discuss your goals progress. They can also provide an opportunity for course corrections that can help you get closer to where you want to be. You can schedule an unlimited number of calls for one year.

If you’re open and engaged during our interactions and planning, the Empower Your Life program can help you move forward into a more stable, fulfilled, and enriched future.

Price: $75,000 for one year.

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