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Loyalty Alliance has created strategic partnerships with individuals and companies who are experts in their specific fields and industries in its ongoing focus to best serve our clients and affiliates. Most businesses are not realizing the savings they are eligible for. With our partners, we work to analyze and evaluate our clients’ current situations and advise them of potential savings eligibilities, make suggestions that may improve their bottom lines, and engage professionals to bring these to a realization. There is no charge for the initial evaluation. Loyalty Alliance invests an enormous amount of time investigating and understanding our partners’ expertise and capabilities so that our clients do not have to. We strive to connect you with the best partner for your specific needs.

Below are some of the items we may review (Items available may change based on industry and location).

Tax Analysis & Programs

  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Hiring & Payroll Tax Credits (WOTC, etc.) Energy Credits – 179D, 45L, etc.
  • Cost Segregation IC-DISC
  • Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Fuel Tax Credits
  • Solar Tax Credit & Program Implementation Private Jet Tax Efficiency
  • C-PACE Finance

Operational Analysis & Function

  • Solar Design and Installation
  • Debt Evaluation & Restructure
  • General Ledger Optimization
  • Vendor Optimization
  • Energy Audit
  • Wireless Infrastructure Technology (WIT)
  • Sale of Unused Tax Credits
  • Equity UCC Article 9 Evaluation and Implementation
  • Grant Research and Advisory
  • Business Plan Evaluation & Creation

In most cases, Loyalty Alliance receives a portion of a fee based on the savings the specific client realizes. Each strategic partner introduced to the client and brought into the process may have a separate fee structure and agreement. We will always work to partner you with the best professional for your specific need and to maximize your potential savings. All our processes and fees are transparent, and we require our partners to be the same way. Services offered in conjunction with Sage Finance Group.

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