Empower Their Lives

The Empower Their Lives Program

What kind of future do you want for your son or daughter? A lot of parents have big dreams for their kids… So how do you get your children to set goals based on what is important to them so they can realize their dreams?

The Loyalty Alliance Empower Their Lives program was created to help your child think deeply about what they want to achieve, and what will help them get there. We will take your child through a series of exercises connecting him or her to the goals that will get them to truly live their values and achieve their version of success.

As part of our Empower Your Life Program, Empower Their  Lives is perfect for anyone trying to help their child get a foothold in the “real world,” from high school seniors through to post-graduates, young adults and graduate students.


Then, through active collaboration, we will help your child take the first steps with our 5-step program:

  • Preliminary Conversation (25-minutes, parents only): You will be provided with an overview of the program and have the opportunity to share your concerns for your child with us.
  • Values and Goal Setting (50 minutes): Your child will participate in a guided values exercise and we will initiate personal goal-setting.
  • Financial & Goal Management (50 minutes): We will discuss basic financial management and preliminary “how to” steps toward goal achievement with your child.
  • Review & Update – One Month (Optional) (25 minutes): This is a “check in” conversation during which your child can share their journey to date and ask us for advice and guidance.
  • Review & Update – Three Months (Optional) (25 minutes): We’re here to help! Whether it be three months down the road or later, your child is welcome to use this call for ongoing guidance and support. We look forward to guiding him or her along the way.

Participants will need to collaborate with Loyalty Alliance honestly and with true integrity to get the best results from the program.

Take the First Step

With the proper tools, your child can set and accomplish the goals that will fulfill their dreams and give them the life they want. It is their time to fly!

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