Today’s edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT features Jaime Jay, Founder and Shareholder of Bottleneck Distant Assistants, an outsourcing agency that helps businesses identify, hire, and cultivate their workforce through a carefully designed systematic approach to growth [].

Also an author, in Quit Repeating Yourself, Jaime Jay shares how he built a seven-figure business by focusing on the power of creating systems and processes so he could help stop business leaders from doing the wrong things and focus on doing their best work.

Through personal stories and professional examples, he teaches leaders how to build a strong company foundation using small and actionable steps, hoping readers could learn from his successes and his mistakes.

Jaime can be reached at or at 844 376 9410. #qryday #qry #quitrepeatingyourself #stopthebottleneckinyourbusiness #bottleneckdistantassistants #entrepreneurship #empowerment

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