Cindy A. Fields

Cindy A. Fields

President, Loyalty Alliance, Inc.

Cindy Fields is a Wall Street veteran with over thirty years of experience in financial services, working with high-net-worth individuals and businesses. She was one of the first professional women to work in private equity on Wall Street and is considered an industry pioneer. 

Cindy founded Loyalty Alliance to be the “pebble in the pond” — the change-maker in financial services, with the true and sincere goal to refocus the financial services industry from “profit first” to first and always doing the right thing for clients, collaborators, employees, and the community.

Cindy works with clients in a collaborative manner, discovering what is important to them, and ensuring they have the solutions they need to address their unique objectives. By working as a “loyalty alliance” on behalf of the client, she believes everyone wins, particularly the client.  

Due to her deep-rooted passion for, and practice of, entrepreneurship, Cindy has been sought out by entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and achievers over the years to assist them with the achievement of their own unique visions. The creation of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT, a program designed to highlight the achievements of entrepreneurs who themselves are empowering others by their actions, is a clear outgrowth of her interest in promoting and rewarding the entrepreneur. 

A native New Yorker, Cindy is a proud member of the Audit Committee of the National Arts Club, the Executive Committee of the Foreign Press Association, and the Board of Governors of the Foreign Press Foundation. She is a former competitive ballroom dancer and holds the appointment of Special Advocate to the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA).

Cindy Fields