The Secret to Your Success ?

To all you highly successful people – you professional athletes, broadcasters, attorneys, CPA’s, lenders, business owners, venture capitalists, artists, and entrepreneurs of every ilk – I have a question for you.  And I want you to pause a moment before answering it....
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Insolvent Estates of Wealthy Decedents

Do you know – really know – that your estate is in a good place for your heir(s) and executor? If you have any doubts about where you stand financially or where they’ll be when it’s time for your estate to be executed, now is the time to find...
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Is It Time to Forgive Outstanding Intrafamily Debt?

The new tax laws doubling the exemption from federal estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax to $11.18 MM per person presents planning opportunities, including potentially forgiving outstanding intrafamily debt. Are you affected but uncertain what to do?...
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