Happy Spring!

Well, it may not officially be spring, but the Boys of Summer are in Training Camp and we can’t wait for the season openers!

Speaking of baseball, does anybody remember a kid named Matt LaChappa? He was a former Padres prospect from an Indian Reservation. He suffered a heart attack while warming up for a start in Class A and was confined to a wheelchair. Out of the goodness of their hearts, the Padres signed him for 20 years, in part so he could have health insurance. But what if he was on a team that didn’t care?

The message here is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Who would ever imagine a strapping young man with a bright future not being able to pay medical bills before he got to step on a Major League field?  Or, for a doctor, attorney or business executive in the prime of their life not being able to receive their salary and live their success due to an unexpected accident, illness or disability? Or, even worse, losing their life suddenly? Who would take care of their family, pay their bills, put their kids through college? Yup, life happens. Most are not prepared for the consequences.  Are you?

Lest you think, it always happens to “someone else”, we have our own story to tell. There’s our marketing guy whose grandfather ran a successful Wall Street insurance brokerage, and he passed with no life insurance! The guy was a Life Insurance producer and left his family with little more than loss.  Yup, it’s always someone else, until it isn’t.

Who’s in your life to protect your interests, watch your back and to make sure your needs are protected as you focus on your success?

Learn about the “Loyalty Alliance Way” and never worry about what you don’t know again.

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