To all you highly successful people – you professional athletes, broadcasters, attorneys, CPA’s, lenders, business owners, venture capitalists, artists, and entrepreneurs of every ilk – I have a question for you.  And I want you to pause a moment before answering it.

What is it that has made you so successful?

Many of you have innate abilities, and others, an extraordinary education.  No doubt, these have contributed to your success. But did they guarantee your success – or dare I say, greatness?  No way!  So, what is it about you that has separated YOU from the crowd?

I will give you a hint.  If you are like most successful people, your success derives from focus, grit, determination, and perseverance.  Sound like you?  Great.  But that is only a part of the answer.  Think harder!

Still wondering.  Ok, I will help. 

In spite of the fact that you are no doubt smart and multi-talented, you are truly successful because you’ve been laser-focused on the one or two things that have struck your interest and you’ve pushed forward to be the BEST at.

But there is more.

You likely did not achieve your success – your greatness – alone!  To succeed it took others.  You no doubt had people to give you support, training and good counsel so you could focus and maximize your talents.  For business owners, that was likely your management team, mentors, and boards of directors.  For athletes, you looked toward your coaches, trainers, family, and teammates. 

But when you were out there with your team achieving the Merriam-Webster definition of success, “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.” – who was watching your back?   

What?!?  Yup, while you and your team were laser-focused on what was in front of you [the achievement of your “success” and how many of your support team got paid], I’d bet you were being pretty haphazard in taking care of just about everything else – like what was around you and behind you. And, sometimes even within your trusted circle.

Ever hear of Madoff?  What about so-called advisors helping themselves to your hard-earned assets [you athletes know what I am talking about!]?  Do you even know all the professional people in your life – your money managers, attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, real estate brokers, other professional advisors and staff – and how they get paid, how much, or even, what they all do?  All that can be a shocker!  And are you sure they are all doing the doing in concert with YOUR best interest in mind and that of your family?  Wow!  A lot to think about!

And let us take it one step further.  What professional beyond the fray do you have in your life with whom you can be totally honest – even vulnerable — about what you want to achieve beyond the office and playing field – like the people in the articles below — and who has the  knowledge, know-how, experience and personality to help you achieve your personal goals for the reasons important to you?  And, yes, all with honesty, transparency, integrity and “clean hands”?

The best and smartest have Loyalty Alliance! 

 So, who do you have?  To find out what you have been missing, call Cindy Fields at 212-570-1212 or e-mail her at




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