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Meet David Goldsmith, Fouder Project Moon Hut

In this EMPOWERMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP post we introduce you to an "out of this world" entrepreneurial venture that marries humankind’s desire to “reach for the stars” and its practical aim to improve life on Earth. Project Moon Hut, founded by David Goldsmith, is...

Meet Preston Brown

Welcome to another installment of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment. It's hard not to feel empowered while watching this video on Preston Brown, brother of our own Terrell J. Brown Brown. Preston coaches high school football in his home town of Camden, NJ and is this...

The Secret to Your Success ?

To all you highly successful people – you professional athletes, broadcasters, attorneys, CPA’s, lenders, business owners, venture capitalists, artists, and entrepreneurs of every ilk – I have a question for you.  And I want you to pause a moment before answering it....

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