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Meet Marko Issever, CEO of America EB5 Visa.

In this edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT we introduce Marko Issever, CEO of America EB5 Visa. The mission of Marko’s company, America EB5 Visa, among other things, is to help foreign nationals to obtain a green card through the proven EB-5 program. Among...

Meet David Shriner Cahn, Smashing the Plateau

In this edition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT, David Shriner-Cahn introduces us to his podcasts and other resources at Smashing The Plateau, a repository he developed for consultants and coaches building their businesses following long careers as high achieving...

Meet Troy Prince, Wall Street Bound

In this installment of EMPOWERMENT and ENTREPRENEURSHIP we introduce you to Troy Prince, voted #9 in Financial Planning magazine's "21 People Who Will Change Wealth Management in 2021". Prince launched Wall Street Bound, a non-profit organization, in the Summer of...

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