With so many things for today’s emerging professionals to juggle, it’s no wonder financial literacy often falls by the wayside! Whether you are a millennial craving more financial empowerment for work, travel, or life-building, or a parent of a millennial whom you’d like to see more financially steadfast, this article discusses some very valid points.

“Managing money can be a full-time job for anybody who wasn’t born into an abundance of it. This will always be true, no matter how the social and political winds might shift. However, studying how people of different ages demonstrate their financial literacy is a fascinating exercise — one made only more interesting by the coming-of-age of millennials.”

Modern life has brought new challenges, and millennials are feeling some of those challenges more keenly than others. There now appears to be a significant gulf between real financial literacy and financial confidence. Millennials don’t really want for confidence, on average, but a surprising number of them do lack a basic understanding of finance.”

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