Are you an entrepreneur? Whether you answer yes or no, you’re still a person who could likely use some inspiration where “work-life harmony” and business positivity are concerned – I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from that kind of motivation!

“How do successful entrepreneurs have the energy to keep going day after day? Jeff Bezos told me his trick at an event in Los Angeles last year: Choose “work-life harmony” over “work-life balance.” Balance, he explained, implies there’s a strict trade-off when there doesn’t have to be.

Balance would tell you to set work aside when you’re at home. But if your home life is great and you can get some work done while the kids are sleeping, you’ll be less stressed and can sleep better–which will make you a better boss or employee.

For Bezos (and me), it’s not about allocating your hours and minutes. It’s about having the positive energy to be enthusiastic and get it done. After some trial and error, here are eight tips I’ve found that keep me energized and focused at work and home:”

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