Love this perspective and the insights into the choices women of the “millennial” age bracket are facing. It’s my goal to teach and guide people of all ages to feel financially empowered! Contact me to learn more.

“According to a recent report by Merrill Lynch, 41% of women say their biggest financial regret is not investing more. As far as their top barriers are concerned, 60% cite a lack of knowledge and 34% cite confidence. “Women regret not investing more of their money and are looking for financial education and solutions that align with their values and priorities, as well as their bottom line,” the report states.

As a woman, millennial and financial advisor, I have a unique view of the investment world. Every day, I spend countless hours listening to people from all different walks of life talk about their financial picture, concerns and goals. I also spend a lot of time connecting, mentoring and networking with emerging female leaders and the next generation of top female executives in Boston.”

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