Goals can only lead you to success – the truly fulfilling kind of success – if you are engaged with them, motivated by them, and empowered by them. Do you connect with your goals on a personal level? Do you feel invigorated and empowered to succeed because the vision of success you have in your head – the vision your goals are based upon – is so ideal that you don’t want your life to be any other way? Those are the goals you need.

It’s a commonly accepted sentiment that setting goals will lead you to success.

Many of us believe life will be better by reaching those goals, so we make our plans, put our nose to the grindstone, and work our butts off until we’re there.

Many high achievers I’ve worked with over the years reach their

goals, but they end up missing their lives in the process–and not in a trivial “I’m-working-too-hard-to-have-friends” kind of way.

No, they reach their goals and discover they were the wrong goals and the wrong path to get there. No one taught them how to set goals that would give them the life and the career they wanted.

Source: How to Set Goals For the Life You Actually Want

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