When life throws you a curve-ball, how do you react? What if you’re getting too good at predicting the pitches and need a change? Goals need to be re-evaluated frequently in order to keep you on-point and to keep your ideal life in focus. Contact me to learn how to manage and evaluate your goals!

“When your life takes an unexpected sideways turn, it’s easy to make a hasty decision and end up regretting it later – here’s how to make sure you’re reaching the goals you want after a big upheaval.

The need to re-evaluate your life can come from a lot of different scenarios – perhaps you’ve just lost your job or been made redundant, maybe a long-term relationship has ended, or maybe you’ve just found yourself depressed, unsatisfied or antsy with your current situation. Hot news – every single one of those has happened to me this year, so there’s some lived experience in this article.

Re-evaluating your life is usually the first step in making a major change, a positive step towards a more suitable career or living situation or even mental attitude. However, it’s making sure that you’re making the right change that’s tricky – often the situations that require a flash life re-evaluation are ones in which our critical faculty are somewhat impaired, from an excess of sadness, from stress or even from shock. When this happens, we need to make sure we’ve got the right critical framework set up so that we don’t make rash, wrong or just plain dumb decisions.”

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