We can see by this gentleman’s example that living your life in alignment with what is most important to you – what motivates, empowers, and drives you most – can be hugely successful. You don’t have to settle for anything less than your vision of what your life could be!

“Martin Bjergegaard is an entrepreneur who doesn’t behave as you’d imagine an entrepreneur would. Sitting in a noisy outdoor cafe one sunny afternoon, this 37-year-old Dane comes across like any other tourist visiting London. He’s fit, relaxed, content; he’s not antsy, exhausted, hyper-competitive or any other cliche from the world of internet startups. He doesn’t look at his phone once during our hour-long talk.

“But Bjergegaard is a hugely successful businessman, a co-founder of Rainmaking, which is responsible for eight startups with a total of $50m (£33m) in annual revenue and 100 employees with offices in Copenhagen, London and Munich. It’s because of that success – and the preconceptions that the world has about what it takes to reach that level – that he has decided to let us all in on the secret. You don’t have to kill yourself – working ever longer hours, with no family time, and constantly pushing yourself – to have a good work-life balance.”

Source: How to Design Your Ideal Life

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